Sharing the best money move to make at every stage of your life in my column for the February 2017 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.

More Money, More Romance?

Whether you’re a young adult trying to thrive on a starting salary, or a Gen X-er caring for aging parents in addition to your household, I have some advice for you in the latest issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.

My February column is all about how to best approach your money at any age.

While many of us would like to believe that age is just a number (myself, included), studies do show that the older we get, the more financially confident we become.

I discovered some pretty incredible things in my research, including: 

  • The major milestone millennials are delaying
  • Why the saying “money doesn’t buy happiness” isn’t necessarily true for Gen X’ers
  • The age at which your financial certainty peaks. Can you guess?
  • How having wealth later in life translates to a better sex life. (no kidding!)

And did you know that by asking for a raise early in your career, you can earn an extra $600,000 over 40 years?

Check out the full article in the O, The Oprah Magazine February issue.

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