Join the #SoMinty Instagram Campaign

Besides shedding those holiday pounds, what other goals top your New Year to-do list? (Personally, I’m pregnant and due in early March, so that means I’ll attempt to burn off those Christmas cookies in three, four months – or later.)

If you’re focused this year on saving more, investing wisely, buying something major or just becoming financially savvier, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll continue to cater my blog here to helping you accomplish that and more. Got a money question for me? Remember you can always send me an email.

Also, a big announcement: the Mint team and I are dedicating the entire month of January to our top financial goals on Instagram. We want to help you make a stronger commitment to your bottom line and improve your money habits.

To that end, the kind folks at Mint have allowed me to take over their Instagram feed (@mintapp) and their InstaStory feed to help inspire, motivate and drive all of us to accomplish our biggest money hopes and dreams in 2017. We think sharing our visuals on Instagram can be quite powerful.

We’re calling the campaign #SoMinty and we’d love for you to participate.

What is #SoMinty? It’s a four-week campaign with each week representing a new theme. I’ll be posting @mintapp daily and each week we’ll highlight some of our favorite posts from Mint’s Instagram followers.

Here’s what we’re planning:

Week 1: Establish Your Goal

What is the #1 financial shift or goal you want to make in 2017? Share it with us on Instagram and use #SoMinty in your post so we can find and possibly share it with our followers.

Week 2: Establish Intention

What is Fueling Your Goal? Again, show us! Maybe it’s a snap of your old car that needs replacing, your dream home, the inspiration for your new business and all the things that drive your desire to be #SoMinty.

Week 3: Establish Accountability

What are the apps, tools, people that will help you stay accountable and true to your goal? Instagram it! And use #SoMinty.

Week 4: Celebrate Your 1st Victory

Okay, we’re nearly a month in. What improvements or changes have you made towards achieving your goal? What baby steps have you taken? Do tell! And, as always, use #SoMinty in your post.

We hope you’ll join and share in the fun. Wishing you a #SoMinty year!

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