I can’t believe I said that (+ a new So Money record)

Question for you: What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received?

That’s a tough one, right?

My dear friend and #NoLimits podcast host Rebecca Jarvis asked me this question on her show this week.

And I fear I may have veered off into #TooMuchInformation land.

I found myself talking about things I never expected to share so openly. About love, marriage, intimacy. (I begged her producer to edit it out, but she said I was being silly.)

So, you’ll have to listen and let me know how I sounded…Honestly, it was fun to be interviewed for a change. And damn, Rebecca is SO GOOD at her job.

RJ and I also discussed the power of being an outsider, my experience growing up with immigrant parents (parsley in your bologna sandwich, anyone?) and the bosses that helped shape the course of my entire career.

And even though Rebecca appeared on one of my inaugural So Money episodes, I thought it would be fun to bring her back for a So Money/No Limits cross-over.

Since we last connected, Rebecca’s become a major INTRAPRENEUR. She’s launched her podcast connecting with big names like Robin RobertsJewel and Randi Zuckerberg and she continues to SLAY as ABC’s News’ Chief Business, Economics and Technology Correspondent. (She was also a finalist on The Apprentice. No big.)

We cover it ALL.

ALSO, TRIVIA: Can you guess which So Money episode has had the MOST downloads this year? Hint: It aired last week and the conversation focused on a three-letter word.

If you’ve yet to hear the popular (most popular!) interview with motivational speaker, author and marketing whiz Simon Sinek, I encourage you to tune in and, as Simon says, find your WHY.

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