5 million downloads!!! 🎉

So Money nation, it’s party time!!

The podcast has officially surpassed 5 million downloads!!!!

First I was like…

Then it hit me. This is real.

Then it really sunk in.

And of course, I’ve been having some of these to celebrate.

It’s been an intense, fun, happy, cosmic journey since launching at the start of 2015. And rest assured, there will be more to come in 2018.

I had NO idea where the show would take us, but it has been by far the best way to connect with you, learn from you and geek out about my favorite topic.

So Money has been a constant source of inspiration. Some highlights:

Cheers to all my guests for encouraging us to reach higher…and to YOU for helping us arrive at this incredible milestone!

Also in the amazing-news category, I’m thrilled to announce my new partnership with Citizens Bank to help promote literacy around investing and retirement planning.
Earlier this fall Citizens Bank launched SpeciFi, a digital investment and advisory platform that aims to make investing simpler, more efficient and cost-friendly.

What I love most about SpeciFi is that it’s not just your average digital investment platform. It’s a hybrid service that provides the efficiency of technology WITH invaluable access to financial advisors for one-on-one consultations.

As part of our partnership, John Bahnken, President, Citizens Bank Wealth Management, joined me for a special bonus podcast episode.  We talk about how our emotions can cloud financial judgement and the ways technology can help us gain confidence as investors.

As always, THANK YOU. I’m forever indebted to you for your support. [And that’s the BEST kind of debt in my book.]

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