Simplify Life with My Favorite Websites

Save time by shopping online and scheduling routine deliveries of basic items you need on a recurring basis. You know that you need new toiletries every month or two. Plan deliveries of household needs at sites like and Other favorite resources of mine for “mom-sourcing” when you make more include:

For Housework: List your needs and your price on the site and they’ll connect you with a pre- qualified “Task Rabbit” in your neighborhood. Grocery shopping typically costs $35, housecleaning $60, and handy-work $85. Whether business or home-related, post a task on this site, similar to how TaskRabbit works, and service providers can respond. From carpets to windows to general housecleaning, this site hooks individuals up with local service companies that bid for your business. Whether you need wash and fold, tailoring, or dry cleaning services, this site can help with laundry needs. It offers free pickup and delivery and special pricing for new customers. They don’t offer services in all 50 states yet, so check the website. For a monthly fee ($25 to $65), you’ll receive a certain number of requests you can make in that time period. The basic plan gets you 5 tasks for $25 and tasks need to be phone or web-oriented. For example, buying gifts online, managing your calendar, ordering supplies, booking trips, etc. Get help finding a dog walker or pet care professional in your area for as little as $1 per week. Shop for groceries and household goods that will be delivered to your home. is also experimenting with a service in some cities, delivering groceries in addition to their usual fare of goods.

For Work: Find and hire skilled freelancers to do your Power Points, spreadsheets, and copywriting. Tasks start as low as $5. In my experience, the odder the task, the easier it’ll be to find a freelancer to do it. Hire help for technical jobs like graphic design, coding and copywriting, as well as administrative and marketing assistance. Similar to Odesk, post your job for free and sit back and consider the offers (and bids). (for transcriptions): I recently discovered this site, which has already saved me hours and hours of transcription hell. The fee is roughly $1.50 per minute of audio recording.

There are also local services catering to this new economy of “buying yourself a wife,” such as the San Francisco area business Rent-a-Spouse. Go online and do a search in your own hood to see what you can find. If you live in an urban area, chances are you’ve got a potential spouse-for- hire somewhere nearby.

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