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Ask Farnoosh, Farnoosh Torabi



In this episode of Ask Farnoosh questions regarding how to buy disability insurance, saving on childcare and how to hire a tax preparer.  Also, where can  you legally “hide” money to position yourself in the best way possible to receive financial aid for college?

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BK asks:

“You asked for a wild question. Where do I legally put money to keep it away from colleges and to look good for financial aid. Been working hard to save money for 3 children and I don’t want it all gone after first year of first child. Does putting it in real estate help, either primary home, vacation home or investment? Should we spend it on vacations and luxury items and hope for best on financial aid?

Steve asks:

“Any recommendations for things to know or to ask before hiring a tax accountant or tax preparation service?”

Michelle asks:

How about paying for day care…it’s a huge immediate expense. Tough to carve out of the budget.

Mark asks:

“Is it wise to get Disability Insurance? If so what kind and how much?”




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