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Ask Farnoosh, Farnoosh Torabi

In this installment of Ask Farnoosh, great questions from listeners about investing versus paying off debt and how to be ‘so money’ while wedding planning.

Also! The winner of this week’s free 15 minute money blitz is: SUNNY MOOSE!

Thanks Sunny Moose for leaving a review on iTunes!

Here are the questions/comments from this episode:


If you have $10k and $10k in student loans at 4-5% interest rate.  Steady income and savings.  Should you pay off the loans or invest the $10k in an index fund for the next 10 years?  Considering tax right off on interest and compound growth.


I make 43k per year. I have 40k in student loan debt, 10k in credit card debt at abt 20%, 24k car loan at 0.9%. I’m used to being able to pay things off quickly but my husband lost his job and is returning to school. I cannot breathe, what’s the best way to tackle this?

The Dan Curry

What’s the best thing 35 has to offer?


Thank you Miss Farnoosh…I’m listening to your podcast everyday and I’m learning and growing in the knowledge of money ..for sure I’m planning to hire a financial planner. I sent a review I hope it went thru. Btw Happy Birthday! Mines is tomorrow the 17th and 20 yrs older.


Hey Farnoosh,
Would you mind sharing specific examples of how you were So Money while wedding planning?  How did you choose where your dollar bills went and where you saved the most cash?
Thank you


Should I pay off debt first before investing or should I invest and make more and use that profit to pay off the debt?


Happy 35th birthday and congrats on your 35th podcast!  I’ve enjoyed your content since Financially Fit and I’ve been following So Money since the first week.  Keep up the good work.   I’ll be leaving a review on ITunes next.

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