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Charisse Conanan Johnson, Financial Wellness Expert

Our guest today is a financial wellness expert but has a lot of experience as well starting businesses. Charisse is going to take us behind the scenes of what has been like for her specifically raising capital, working in the very busy, crowded, competitive FinTech space, which is really hot right now.

A little bit more about Charisse, she once worked at JPMorgan and from there saved up enough money to begin her own business. She co-founded a company called Smarteys and the business actually shut down after a few years and so we’re going to talk about what brought her to that point, what it was like running a tech startup and now, she’s a financial wellness expert taking all that experience. She’s combined it with a CFA, and so she’s going to share advice that she also lends to her blog, Charisse says, where she merges her passion for entrepreneurship investing and all things finance.

If you’d like to learn more about Charisse visit her website or follow her on Twitter @CharisseSays.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “We have to be the CEO of our money. Set a vision & then surround yourself w/ the right people to execute it.” – Click To Tweet

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