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Dr. Corey Allan, Family Therapist

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In researching my latest book When She Makes More, I reached out to some of the most renowned experts in the field of money and relationships. I came across Dr. Corey Allan who is our guest today. Corey is a husband, father, author, speaker, as well as a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Ph.D. in Family Therapy.

He has a private practice in McKinney, TX and is the founder of, an online resource aimed at helping marriages not just survive, but thrive.

Corey works to help people:

Grow deeper spiritually.

Keep it simple.

Be passionate.

Live in community with others.

Enjoy the ride.

And he has some wonderful teachings on how to have a better relationship with money in our relationships.

Three takeaways from my interview with Corey:

— How simplifying your life can help you lead a richer life

— How he grew up in a household where money was pretty taboo and how that impacted him as an adult

— How today he navigates money differences with his wife

To learn more about Corey, visit and follow him on Twitter @simplemarriage.

My favorite quote from this interview: “Marriage is designed to grow us up, not make us happy.” – click to tweet


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