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David Stein, Creator of "Money For the Rest of Us"

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My guest today is David Stein, host of Money For the Rest of Us, a weekly personal finance podcast. He also runs the Money For the Rest of Us Hub, an online educational platform on money, how it works, and how to invest it.

Previously, he was Chief Investment Strategist and Chief Portfolio Strategist at Fund Evaluation Group, a $35 billion institutional investment advisor. There he co-lead the 20 person research team and managed assets for endowments, foundations and financial planners.

Three takeaways from our time with David:

— His philosophy: focus on the extreme not the expected outcome

— Major flaws with traditional financial theory

— How to maximize well being with minimum amount of consumption

If  you’d like to learn more about David Stein, visit or follow him on Twitter @jdstein.

My favorite quote from the interview: “Focus on the extreme, not the expected outcome.” – click to tweet

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