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Deacon Hayes, Founder of

I love hearing stories about individuals getting out of debt because it typically changes their lives in more ways than one. And I know that some of you listening might be struggling with either student loans or credit card debt, or just have a mortgage that you want to get out of sooner than later.

Today’s guest is Deacon Hayes, he is a great case in point. After being overwhelmed by $52,000 of debt, outside of their mortgage, he and his wife made a decision to quickly change the way they handled money. And they weren’t kidding. Eighteen months later, it was gone. All of it. All $52,000 and because they were actually able to pay it off so quickly, they were featured on sites like US News and World Report.

That led them to a live interview on Fox News. Deacon tells me that he enjoyed the process so much, he decided to turn it into a career. He quit his job as a financial planner, and actually founded the popular website And he also has a weekly podcast with that name. And there he helps people, that are in the same situation that they were in just a few years ago, become debt free.

Three takeaways from our time with Deacon:

  • The exact steps he took to become debt free so rapidly.
  • What did he sell? What did he cut from his budget?
  • How in the world did he get a 740 credit score with a history of foreclosure, and Deacon’s rapid fire plan to become mortgage free in just 9 years.

If you’d like to learn more about Deacon Hayes, visit his website and follow him on Twitter @deaconhayes.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “I now control my money and it no longer controls me.” -Click to Tweet

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