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Dr. Partha Nandi, Ask Dr. Nandi Author & Host

How healthy are you? How do you define health? We often discuss the correlation between health and wealth on the podcast and today’s guest is prepared to give us even more insight and advice.

Dr. Partha Nandi is the host of the nationally-syndicated hit show Ask DrNandi. His new book is called Ask DrNandi: 5 Steps to Becoming Your Own #HealthHero for Longevity, Well-being and a Joyful Life.

In our conversation we discuss…

  • Dr. Nandi’s near-death experience as a 6-year-old and how that has impacted his life today.
  • How to financially afford being a #HealthHero.
  • The one thing Dr. Nandi can NOT bring himself to buy, no matter how much money he has in the bank.

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Nandi visit or follow him @AskDrNandi.

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