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Jack Finio, Fund3 Co-Founder

What is Bitcoin? I’ve been getting more pitches about Bitcoin in the last 30 days than I have in last three years. It’s one of those things that made me go, “Hmm, maybe we should do an entry-level, 101 discussion around this on the show?” I thought that it would be great to bring on co-founder of Fund3 Jack Finio for this discussion.

Fund3 it’s a quantitative hedge fund that uses machine learning to make sense of digital assets and cryptocurrency markets. Jack is totally immersed in this market. He’s going to tell us, what is Bitcoin? Why we should care and what is the future? How is Bitcoin going to revolutionize the way we bank today? We could be on the brink of change. He’s going to talk about what he is experiencing in how Fund3 is part of this market.

A little bit more about Jack… he’s a native New Yorker and grew up just steps away from Wall Street. As a result, he was intrigued by finance, investing and entrepreneurship from a very early age. By 17, Jack had won multiple business plan competitions. In college, he studied traditional finance and computer science. He quickly learned that AI and blockchain technology could become extremely disruptive and it was there he saw an opportunity to capitalize on this trend to eventually start Fund3.

To learn more about Jack and Fund3 visit or follow him on Twitter @jackfinio.

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