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John Bahnken, President, Citizens Bank Wealth Management

This is a special BONUS episode on the heels of my new partnership with Citizens Bank. I normally don’t publish new episodes on Thursdays, but this one couldn’t wait!

Earlier this fall, Citizens Investment Services introduced a new digital investment advisory platform called SpeciFi, and they’ve invited me to join them on their campaign to educate people about retirement and the importance of investing for the future.

You know I’m all for ways to make investing simple and efficient and we often talk about the value of digital investment platforms on the show…but, call me old–fashioned, I also believe it can be useful to work with real, licensed professionals to help guide our investment planning, and the great news is SpeciFi delivers both of these services in one robust platform.

It’s one of the reasons I’m proud to team up with the folks at Citizens and SpeciFi. The other reason is that I’m a New England girl and Citizens, for those of you who may not know, is one of the oldest and largest financial institutions, headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, just an hour away from Worcester, MA (my birth town!). Citizens was our neighborhood’s bank growing up, so this is a very cool, full-circle moment for me.

Joining me to discuss more about the ways we can all leverage investing for our goals and how SpeciFi can help investors is John Bahnken, President, Citizens Bank Wealth Management. 

In our conversation we discuss:

  • How technology can help those on the sidelines feel confident to invest in the stock market.
  • Why SpecFi wanted to provide a hybrid service where investors could access both a digital experience AND help from experienced financial advisors.
  • How our emotions cloud our judgements when it comes to investing and saving for the long run.

If you open a SpeciFI account by December 31, 2017 the monthly management fee will be waived for your first 3 months. The promotional period begins on the date you have funded the account with the $5,000 minimum balance and ends after 90 calendar days. To qualify for the promotional offer your account must meet the minimum balance within 90 calendar days of enrollment. To learn more, check out


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