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Justin Gelband, Founder of ModelFIT

Today’s guest is a high-profile personal trainer, life coach and co-founder of the latest boutique workout in New York City, ModelFIT. Justin Gelband has been dubbed “The Model Whisperer” from The New York Times’ magazine with a client base including some of the world’s hottest models and celebrities including Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel and Taylor Swift among many others. He is a manual therapist and a FAFS Fellow of Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute. He is also certified in Blood Type Regimen from Dr. D’Adamo. Justin’s passion for fitness started at a young age where he grew up swimming competitively and playing tennis and soccer. He’s now revolutionizing workouts for women by combining a mix of Pilates, yoga, movement, motion, balance stability, functional training and more. His belief is that all women can attain being “model fit” by working with your body to feel comfortable in your own skin and eating right.

Three main takeaways from our conversation:

  • Rising the fitness training ranks. How did he do it? Started out making just $8 an hour, believe it or not! And of course today he trains celebrities and has his own popular boutique studio.
  • How Justin combats pressures from the modelling industry that insists women be really, really, really skinny.
  • How opening his own gym in Los Angeles years ago marked a major money mistake for Justin. That and lots more!

If you would like to learn more about Justin Gelband, visit his websites and….or follow him on Twitter @justingelband and Instagram @ModelFitByJustinGelband.

One of my favorite quotes from our interview: “I have a passion for my career and for what I give back to people in each and every person’s daily life.” – Click to Tweet

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