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Mary Beth Storjohann, Founder of Workable Wealth

Today’s guest is a CFP® who founded Workable Wealth. Mary Beth Storjohann joins us and she’s shaking up the traditional views of financial planning by leveraging technology to help people make smart, educated choices with their money. She recently was named among the “Top 40 Under 40” by Investment News and “10 Young Advisors to Watch” by Financial Advisor Magazine. She’s a sought after speaker, author and financial coach. She may sound familiar to you because she frequently appears on NBC as a financial expert and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes among other major news outlets.

In this interview, we’re going to learn how Mary Beth is specifically helping millennials with their financial challenges, especially those who are strapped with a lot of student loan debt. We talk about her own personal relationship with money and the financial challenges she face as a kid. Mary Beth, on top of being an entrepreneur, mom and a wife, she is a military spouse. We talk about that because I think that does add another layer of financial complexity to her life. Plus, how is her family managing their own money?

If you’d like to learn more about Mary Beth visit her website or follow her on Twitter @marybstorj.

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