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Mary Wheeler, Founder of Abundant Wealth Solutions

Today, I’m sharing a story with you of a remarkable young woman who got out of $30,000 worth of debt in 96 days.

That’s right.

Mary is a Financial Coach who runs her own business called Abundant Wealth Solutions where she helps people eliminate their student loan debt and achieve financial freedom.

Mary didn’t always have a strong grasp on her finances, though. She actually grew up in the projects in Mississippi where she says she was surrounded by a culture of consumption. It took her years to figure out a way to climb out of debt and build her own net worth.

We’ll talk about this and more, including the job she had working in a deli for two years after getting her college degree and the moment she realized it was time to finally pay off her debt once and for all…

To learn more about Mary, visit and find her on Twitter @AbundantWS.

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