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The ability to help someone who needs your help is probably the greatest gift that I’ve ever been given.”

Matt Manero, Author, You Need More Money

Have you ever thought, “Oh! If I could just make six figures or a hundred thousand dollars this year, everything will be better,” or maybe you already earned that much and you feel like you need to double or triple your income because it doesn’t feel like it’s enough. According to our guest today, no matter how much you make, whether you’re rich or struggling, he says you need more money.

Today’s guest is Matt Manero. He is a successful CEO of a company called Commercial Fleet Financing. It’s funded over a billion in loans over the past 22 years, and he is now making headlines for his book: You Need More Money.

I need to talk to him about this book, because we’ve read the studies. No matter how much money you make, after a certain point, it doesn’t really lift happiness.

In fact, I think it was Princeton that found that after you earn about $75,000 year, beyond that, it doesn’t matter how much more you make. It doesn’t add to your well-being.

But Matt’s not really talking about happiness. His family had a tragedy that led him to write this book, and he believes that no matter how much money you have, you always need more. Not to have a more expensive lifestyle, but to, as he says, fulfill your potential to live your fullest life, to provide long- lasting security.

To learn more about Matt, visit or follow him on Twitter @MattManero. Check out You Need More Money on Amazon.

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