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Melanie Notkin, Author of Otherhood and The Savvy Auntie Blog

In this day and age, we hear a lot about women balancing it all: work, relationship, kids, life, etc. But what about women who work, who aren’t married and/or don’t have children? My guest today Melanie Notkin is a media entrepreneur: author, marketer, keynote speaker, and lifestyle personality.

In 2007 she founded Melanie Notkin Media, Inc. – the first and only multiplatform media company designed for the growing global demographic of childless, often single, women.

Savvy Auntie is the name of her popular and beloved lifestyle brand and bestselling book for cool aunts, great-aunts, godmothers and all women who love kids. The brand appeals primarily to Melanie’s proprietary PANK® (Professional Aunts No Kids) demographic of 23 million American women. In celebration of this “childfull” demographic, Melanie established Auntie’s Day® in 2009. Savvy Auntie: The Ultimate Guide for Cool Aunts, Great-Aunts, Godmothers, and All Women Who Love Kids (Morrow/2011) is a national bestseller.

Her latest book is called Otherhood: Modern Women Finding a New Kind of Happiness. This is Melanie’s reported memoir on childless, often single women who expected love, marriage and motherhood.

Before becoming a media entrepreneur, Melanie was an interactive and print beauty editor and interactive marketing and communications executive for global Fortune 500 companies.

Three key takeaways:

  • What she calls our cultural and societal “mom-opic” view of the world.
  • How stressing over money only limits you from making money
  • And how growing up he felt as though “wealth was something that was someone else’s…”

If you would like to learn more about Melanie Notkin, visit her website or follow her on Twitter @SavvyAuntie.

One of my favorite quotes from our interview: “I don’t like debt. I pay my bills and I feel so much better once they’re paid, boy!” – Click to Tweet

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