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Raya Schwartz, So Money Millennial

My guest today is a woman with similar drive and ambition to the So Money Millennials you’ve already heard from earlier this week. Today’s guest is Raya Schwartz, and she is just 25 and has already opened up her own waxing boutique in Tampa, FL!

She became an esthetician at 18 in New Mexico, and when she turned 20 got a job at a waxing salon. She made a good salary of over $60k per year, but was unhappy with the way the owners treated the employees. So, she decided go out on her own and start a small spray tan business. In her first year she was able to match her salary from her previous salon!

She then moved to Tampa and opened the successful Flirt Wax Bar. Her goal is to be financially and physically free to travel and spend time with her family – and she is well on her way.

Among her strategies for financial success that we discuss in our interview:

  • Doing some backwards math. You can reverse engineer any goal, she says.
  • Knowing when to QUIT. Raya went solo just shortly after working on staff.
  • The lessons learned growing up in a family that started out wealthy…and ended up going nearly broke.

If you would like to learn more about Raya Schwartz, visit her website or follow her on Twitter @Rayasglam.

One of my favorite quotes from our interview: “I believe that with the right belief, the right mindset and taking action that I can accomplish any goal I set and make as much money as I decide to.” – Click to Tweet

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