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Rebecca Jarvis, ABC News Chief Business and Economics Correspondent

Rebecca Jarvis is the ABC news chief business and economics correspondent and creator, host and managing editor of “Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.” She reports for all ABC news programs and platforms… and conducted wide ranging interviews with the biggest names in business, including General Motors’ CEO Mary Barra, mega investor Warren Buffett, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. Rebecca and I first met about six years ago at CBS News. And she’s one of the hardest working people in the industry.

In the following interview I put her on the spot and asked her about something she failed to put in her bio… tsk-tsk. Rebecca’s got some fantastic insights to share about her financial journey and the lessons learned as a kid growing up in the Midwest…the big money mistake she made and the impact it had on not only her finances, but her parents’ finances, as well…and how she turned a 6-month trial job into a major 3 year contract.

Learn more about Rebecca on Facebook at and follow her on Twitter @rebeccajarvis.

Our favorite quote from the interview: “You can find a deal no matter what, as long as you’re not totally caught up on one item.” – Click to tweet

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