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Susie Moore, Creator of the Side Hustle Academy

Would you walk away from a job that paid $500,000 a year? And we’re talking about a job that isn’t terrible. It’s not your passion, but come on, it’s half a million dollars per year! Our bold guest Susie Moore did just that.

Susie is the creator of the Side Hustle Academy, a program she created for those who want to follow in her footsteps. Want to start a side revenue stream but not sure how to start or where to find time? Susie to the rescue!

More about Susie: She is a life coach and bestselling author of “What If It Does Work Out“. She stopped schooling after age 18 and went on to climb the corporate ladder making her way to Sales Director at a Fortune 500 company. She helped build three startups where the most recent one sold for $405M. And now she runs a 6-figure coaching business.

In our conversation we discuss…

  • Discovering your best side hustle. What’s easy for you is amazing for others, says Susie.
  • Growing up on welfare and how that’s impacted her relationship with money today.
  • How susie managed to change a particular policy at her school growing up that perhaps helped so many kids and their relationship with money.

To learn more about Susie visit or or follow her on Twitter @susiemoore.

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