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Tanya VanCourt, Founder & CEO of iSow

I love celebrating birthdays and the holidays but no matter how much I try to insist that family and friends DO NOT buy gifts for Evan we still end up with so many toys. People want to give and I love them for it…But what if there was a better way to channel that good will into something more meaningful for your children…? Today’s guest is working on a solution. Tanya VanCourt recently launched, a site that helps our kids and the younger generation understand the true value of money, where young people can choose “goals” instead of goods in 3 key categories: saving towards the future, sharing with those who are less fortunate and spending wisely on things that matter. Then iSow creates a link that you can share with friends and family that are wondering what to gift you for the next occasion. The site is still in its infancy but has received over 1,000 members.

More about Tanya… before starting iSow, Tanya served as the Vice President of Partner Marketing at Discovery Education. She also worked at Nickelodeon as the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Preschool and Parenting digital products.

She’s dedicated her career to the well-being of kids and is a mom, herself.

We discuss…

  • The appropriate age kids can really grasp financial concepts.
  • How, as an entrepreneur, you need to accept that you will NOT be receiving a paycheck. For how long? She tells us.
  • Plus, that time she lost a million bucks. That hurt.

If you’d like to learn more about Tanya visit or follow her on Twitter @tvancourt.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “Money can be used for good for yourself and for others. It’s a really powerful tool.” – Click To Tweet

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