My Story

My audience has been growing up. . . So have I.

At the age of 22, I was over $30,000 in debt. I made $18 an hour. Before taxes. With a Master’s degree. In New York City. Those early years involved lots of borrowed clothes, canned tuna, and $5 Footlong Subway sandwiches. But it was worth it. Because, as I slowly climbed out of debt while making less than $40,000 a year, I realized that there was a void. . .


Young adults had no access to effective, fun, or even digestible financial advice.

As a financial reporter, I empathized with young professionals who felt financially drained and lost. I jumped at the opportunity to help educate that demographic, to get them excited about taking control of their money.

It was the start of a beautiful relationship with my audience – one where we continue to grow together.

MyStory_07My first book, You’re So Money – Live Rich Even When You’re Not, was a nationally acclaimed tell-all for young adults searching for financial independence.

Later, I began coaching Americans who were struggling with piles of debt and other money challenges on SoapNet’s reality series Bank of Mom and Dad and on TLC’s makeover program, REAL SIMPLE. REAL LIFE.

That’s when I realized that money isn’t just dollars and cents.

MyStory_10It’s a deeply layered issue.

It’s not enough to walk into someone’s home and give her 5 tips on how to save. There are psychological, mental, and emotional barriers that prevent us from taking action around money.

I was fascinated. I wanted to learn more about the emotional connections that people have with money. This research led to my 2nd book, Psych Yourself Rich: Get the Mindset & Discipline You Need to Build Your Financial Life.

MyStory_12As I developed this whole new way of talking about money and relating to people around their finances, my career matured. The types of issues I tackled matured. I matured.

I was no longer just “the lady who helps you with a budget.”
I was a trusted friend and a shoulder to cry on.

I began helping people unravel deeply buried knots, so they could finally clean up their financial messes.

Now, my audience and I are ready for the next big money hurdle.

We’ve all moved into new phases of our lives, anywhere from graduating college, to starting a family, to reaching a higher rung on the corporate ladder, to launching a business.

We were hit with the recent recession, causing us to reevaluate how we handle money, how we set goals, and even how we identify ourselves.

The past few years have been some of my busiest, as more people are searching for answers, hope, and smart strategies around their money.

I’ve become a frequent financial contributor to Yahoo!, The Today Show, ABC and several top women’s magazines including Glamour, Marie Claire and All You.

I’ve had the honor and privilege of leading a video crusade to help millions of people live their best financial lives on my web series Financially Fit, which aired on the world’s #1 financial news platform, Yahoo!Finance.

And my audience and I are still figuring out how to balance everything, now that our lives have shifted.

I’ve fallen in love.
I’ve gotten married.
I’ve become a mom.

And I’m connecting more and more to the ambitious women who’ve come to me for advice. Now, together, I want to start a new and powerful dialogue stemming from a very personal matter:

I earn more money than my husband.

It’s unusual, though it’s becoming more common. But no one is talking about it.

In fact, there just isn’t much dialogue around the topic of ambitious women and their money, period. But anyone who has been in a relationship can tell you that money issues deeply impact how we relate to one another.

So that’s what I want to talk about now – how to deal with money in a way that allows you to navigate your relationships from a place of strength and compassion, even if the traditional money-making roles are reversed.

My latest book, When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women, takes on that conversation. It’s my hope that this book will enable all women, regardless of your relationship status or financial situation, to make the most of their financial lives. .


It’s an exciting time to be a woman.

MyStory_14To be searching for love.
To be moving forward with family plans.
To be working.
To be starting a business.

But it’s easy to get carried away, as well.

That’s why I’m here – to be a helping hand and guiding light as you navigate new areas of your life.

Because if you want to have both a rich life and harmony in your life, it is crucial that you master your finances AND your emotional connections to money.

So, if you’re new here, please poke around for a bit.

I hope you’ll stay for a while.