Random Farnoosh Facts

Random facts about me…that have nothing to do with personal finance.

  1. I hated my name growing up and created new identities for myself between the ages of 11 and 14. I’ve been Tina, Christina (because Tina wasn’t grown-up enough, I thought), Ashley and Nikki. My parents obliged in calling me by these names and even introduced me to new friends and neighbors with my name du jour. God bless them. And why wasn’t I more creative?
  2. I got denied from Harvard and Yale. Accepted to Northwestern, NYU and Penn State. Waitlisted at Georgetown. I chose Penn State because it was the cheapest and my dad promised me a car to make up for it. (I never got the car, but I did meet my husband at PSU.)
  3. I bombed the SATs. But aced the GREs. Neither score really ended up mattering.
  4. I don’t enjoy cats. I like a few dogs. Preferably those that don’t bark or shed.
  5. I was a HUGE tom boy growing up as a child and #girlbossed my way throughout a neighborhood of mostly boys. It wasn’t until I turned 14 when I started to appreciate dresses.
  6. I got in constant trouble in early elementary school, especially in the second grade, for disrupting class. My report card that year for Conduct stated a U for ‘Unsatisfactory.’ I was bad.
  7. I wizened up. So much so that, after receiving an A- in my handwriting class in the 4th grade, I took it pretty bad and my teacher called my mom at home to make sure I was “Ok.” 
  8. When applying for graduate school I accidentally mailed my application for Columbia to NYU and vice versa. That was also bad.
  9. My first job with a real paycheck was as a hostess at Ruby’s Diner in Ardmore, PA. My mother made me quit after a few weeks because my male boss was a total sexist pig. Go mom!
  10. I almost got fired from my internship at a major magazine (age: 21) because I wrote in one of the issues that you could buy everything at “Family Dollar” and “Dollar General” for $1. Well, Farnoosh, not “everything’s” $1 at the dollar store, mmmk? And for that I was shamed and nearly fired. It was an ugly-cry-in-the-bathroom kind of day, but let me tell you, I fact check the you-know-what out of everything now.
  11. I peaked in the 11th grade when I played Sally Bowles in our school’s theatrical production of Caberet.
  12. A crazy dream of mine? Participating in Dancing with the Stars. [And now that I’ve put it out in the universe, I fully expect this to manifest.] ??