How to Find That Special Someone

Your savvy friend raves about her financial adviser and her accountant—she even hired a money coach once. Should you be shelling out, too? Spending cash on expert help may seem illogical—you’re trying to save money. But these specialists’ years of training mean they’re equipped to save you time and improve your bottom line.

About a third of women work with a pro, according to a Prudential survey. And they’re twice as likely as those who go it alone to say they’re on track or ahead of schedule in planning for their future. “People who work with financial advisers have more money and say they’re happier,” says Jamie Hopkins of the American College of Financial Services, which offers degrees and certifications. But as with any investment, you shouldn’t go in blind.

In the June 2017 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine I share more on when it’s wise to outsource, what to expect, and how to capitalize on your new relationship. Pick up a copy or check out the full article here.

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