The Right Way to Ask for a Raise

Renise Alexander, a 26-year-old sales associate in Virginia, was convinced she deserved a pay bump after achieving her earnings quota for the year — several months ahead of schedule. But, to her dismay, the raise never arrived.

“Sales is a hard world, and a lot of people don’t hit their annual goal,” she explains. “I was worth more.” So she decided to take matters into her own hands. Alexander prepared to do what many of us attempt — but often fail — to accomplish: convince her boss to give her more money.

And she did. Since she’d prepared the right way she not only got a $5,000 raise on the spot, but five months later she earned a promotion and a $10,000 salary increase.

Unless you’re willing to settle with the measly 3 percent average pay hike companies plan to dole out in 2014, it’s up to you to fight for what you think you deserve. Check out my piece on to learn the best ways to ask for a raise before you ask for it.

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