Congrats to Seth Godin Book Winners

A special thank you to all of you promoted my exclusive interview with Seth Godin and leaving a review in iTunes. At random 12 fans who wrote in letting me know that they supported the show have been selected to receive a free copy of Seth’s latest book What to Do When It’s Your Turn. 

Congratulations to:

Rachel Shiff
Chris Kinman 
Mishan Afsari 
Karen Cordaway 
Lilly Cao
Sami Martin
Sukh Singh
Natacha Delienne 
Kelsee Hankins
Jon Barlow
Fred Masouka
Zoraida Cespedes 

Books are soon to be sent in the mail via USPS to your addresses.

Remember, if you’d like to learn about upcoming freebies, just join the So Money VIP list .

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