How To Spend Less, Save More, And Clean Up Your (Financial) Act

There’s almost nothing less fun than looking over your bank statements and realizing you spent $150 on lattes last month. That’s probably why so many of us avoid looking at our statements at all, unless something’s obviously wrong—we’d rather not be reminded of the damage we’re doing.

But it all adds up, and even seemingly insignificant expenses (like that daily $5 matcha break) may be more of a problem than you realize. If you’re determined to make 2018 the year you finally achieve the goals you’ve been focused on for so long (#adulting), you’re going to want to detoxify your spending habits—just like you’d cut back on sugar or alcohol after a month filled with cookie baking and boozy holiday parties. Yes, it’s hard work up front, but if you’re looking to tackle a major life change—whether that’s buying a house, or getting out of debt, or going to grad school—you need money to make it happen.

Head over to Well+Good’s website to see my tips on how to make sure every dime you earn is helping get you to a better place as part of their #ReNewYear2018 campaign.

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