So Money Makes Inc. Magazine List of “Best Podcasts to Grow Your Business!”

I can’t believe this. So Money just earned a spot on Inc Magazine’s list of the Best Podcasts to Grow Your Business. I’m beyond honored for this recognition and want to take a moment to relay some of the steps that have helped my podcast earn hundreds of thousands of downloads in just a few months time.

Let Tony Robbins Help You With Your Taxes

Tony Robbins has a new, easy-to-follow online tax guide that leverages all of the insider knowledge he’s discovered during his book research. It’s complete with core strategies to employ for 2015 tax planning so that this time next year, the “sting” of tax season won’t be nearly as painful!

$200,000 on a College Degree? You Crazy?

Let’s say you or your child gets accepted to Stanford or Harvard, an elite private college that consistently ranks in the tippity top of higher ed rankings and where graduates tend to get the best jobs with the best pay. But here’s the catch: It’ll cost close to $200,000 to attend. In the grand scheme of life, is it worth it?

Join me on the Podcasters’ Paradise Cruise!

On Nov 1, 2015 I’ll be embarking on the Podcasters’ Paradise Cruise, a tight-knit conference experience with a dozen other amazing speakers (like John Lee Dumas, Chris Brogan, and Andrew Warner) and a crew of just 50 attendees.