Allowance Rules Are Changing

In the August issue of Money Magazine my article, “The Right Way to Give an Allowance,” discusses how allowances are evolving. No more financial rewards for doing chores. Instead, kids are encouraged to be entrepreneurial, identify needs around the house and negotiate their pay.

On NY1: Building and Maintaining Good Credit

Did you know that according to a study conducted by Chase Slate, forty percent of Americans don’t know what their credit score is? Wow! So, I sat down with NY1 news (where I got my start!) to talk about how to build and maintain your credit.

Stopped by Good Day New York!

So excited to be on Good Day New York to talk about female breadwinners and my latest book, When She Makes More!

So Money Top Hits Unveiled

Very excited to debut my inaugural Top Hits podcast featuring some of my most popular interviews. This week also marks a huge milestone; So Money surpassed 500k hits!