That’s So Annoying

Are you inundated with robocalls? Plagued by pop-up ads? I recently sat down with Today’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb to share tips on how to deal with life’s little annoyances. (Jump to 2:48 when I make Hoda laugh!)

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When She Makes More

Recently on the Tamron Hall Show, I broke down one of the biggest double standards when it comes to men, women and money.

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5 Ways to Save on Medical Costs

This article is sponsored by VSP Individual Vision Plans. When it comes to personal health care costs, the U.S. surpasses many other countries, taking a sizeable bite out of our annual budgets.  Out-of-pocket health care expenses here in the U.S. rank highest among developed nations including Switzerland, Australia, and Japan. According to a recent analysis, […]

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Benefits Advice for Self-Employed, A DIY Plan for Insurance

If you’re considering pivoting to self-employment, don’t let uncertainties over things like retirement planning and a vision plan stop you from pursuing your dreams. Here’s how I’ve been able to affordably craft my own benefits.

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