Kids & Money: Counterintuitive Advice that Works!

Growing up, I suspect my parents talked about money more than the average family.

From a young age I knew how much they earned. I knew how much our house was worth (before you could just search prices on the Internet) and I knew that while we weren’t “rich” in the dollars and cents kind of way, my parents felt rich because they followed their own rules and prioritized their money.

While neighboring families may have kept mum on the topic, my Middle Eastern parents chatted casually (and out loud) about their attempts to ask for raises, the cost of everything and the threat of layoffs at my dad’s company.

It’s counterintuitive to the way some might think to raise their kids. After all, it’s not exactly America’s cultural norm to speak openly about money, which is considered more of a taboo topic amongst friends and family than religion or politics.

Fast-forward two decades and I suppose my career choice shouldn’t come as a surprise…and possibly why the real estate section of the NY Times is my favorite thing to read on the weekends.

I’m grateful for the fact that my parents acted outside the box. Sometimes it makes all the difference. Here, on the Mint blog, are some additional counterintuitive strategies for raising money savvy kids. I look forward to practicing with my kids – once they’re out of diapers.

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