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“If you don’t practice and rehearse, you don’t have the skill. Just knowing theory doesn’t help you negotiate a contract or make a deal. You have to really practice.”

Josh Spodek, Author of "Leadership Step by Step"

Our guest today has quite the resume. He holds FIVE Ivy League degrees including a PhD in Astrophysics, he’s led seminars in leadership, entrepreneurship and sales at Harvard, Princeton and MIT, he’s studied under a Nobel Prize winner and helped build an X-Ray observational satellite for NASA and holds six patents.

Joshua Spodek is our So Money guest today. He serves as an adjunct professor at NYU, as well as a leadership coach and workshop leader at the Columbia Business School. He’s also a columnist for Inc. He’s the founder of Spodek Academy and out with a new book called Leadership Step by Step: Become the Person Others Follow.

The topic of the day is leadership and how some of us are natural born leaders. We also discuss the difference between managing and leading and that time Josh was asked to step down as the leader of a company he founded. A wake-up call for Josh and an inspiring lesson that led to his work today.

If you’d like to learn more about Josh visit or follow him on Twitter @spodek. To sign-up for Josh’s leadership course visit here and So Money listeners get 15% off using the code ‘SOMONEY’.

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