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Latrese Bookhard, So Money Millennial

We are rounding out So Money “Millennial” week!

A “So Money” Millennial is someone who has proven to have accomplished a great deal in the their financial life in their 20s or early 30s. So often we hear about the struggles which are very real and sobering: the average college student graduates with around $35,000 in student loans, often lots more. It’s tough to find a job, save and sometimes you have to live with your parents. But today’s guest wrote in to me to say that she believes she is ahead of the curve. And I have to agree.

We’re going to be speaking with Latrese Bookhard.  She is twenty-six and currently serves in the military.

She says, Farnoosh, “I’m debt free, have a net worth approaching $100,000 and I paid off $53,000 in student loan debt. I max my annual Thrift Savings Plan and Roth IRA contributions. I save well over 50% of my take home pay and consider myself an aspiring “Millionaire Next Door” and early retiree. I’ve always been frugal but I kicked everything into high gear when I found a Yahoo Finance article profiling Mr. Money Mustache two years ago. His blog has led me to many other blogs, books and podcasts and has helped me really change how I think about money.”

So let’s learn more about Latrese. How does she think about money and what lessons does she have to teach us all?

One of my favorite quotes from our interview: “Never stop learning…I don’t know how much I don’t know until I know.”  – Click to Tweet

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