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Natalie Jill, Fitness Entrepreneur

Natalie Jill is someone who went from $1.4 million in debt to running a 7-figure business in just the span of a few years. She is the founder of Natalie Jill Fitness, a site that promotes health, happiness and, of course, fitness.

In this interview, she breaks it all down and tells us exactly what happened, how she did it and how she is the woman that she is today after losing her house, her retirement and ending her marriage. Natalie gained a lot of weight, but she turned it all around. She got her life back and is now an inspiration for others to do the same.

She left a successful career in corporate America to follow her passion in health and fitness, and to help others. As a licensed Master Sports Nutritionist and a Functional Fitness trainer, Natalie has used the internet and social media in a short amount of time to reach people across the world – to help them get in shape and be their best selves. And in the process she has created a globally recognized brand with over a million social media followers and her online business has generated over 7 figures of revenue. But Natalie isn’t just a fitness guru. She has increasingly been garnering attention for her ability to help others create, define, and monetize their brand in the online space.

Takeaways from my interview with Natalie:

  • We get a crash course in branding and on rebuilding your life after hitting rock bottom. Natalie talks about how adding, not subtracting from life made her richer and happier.
  • Her financial breakthrough that happened while pumping gas and having her credit card declined.
  • And the weekend project that went on to create over a million dollars in revenue and became a business. This took her only 2 days to create. WOW.

If you would like to learn more about Natalie Jill, visit her website or follow her on Twitter @nataliejillfit.

One of my favorite quotes from our interview: “There’s so much good things you can add to your life. The more you add of the good, the less room there is for the bad.” – Click to Tweet

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