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Lauren Slayton

As we approach the end of the year, I thought we’d like to hear from one of the country’s top health and nutrition coaches. Lauren Slayton is the founder of Foodtrainers, a private nutritional counseling office in New York City. She’s also the author of the popular book, The Little Book of Thin. Lauren is […]

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Mint Money Audit: Making the Most of a Side Hustle

This week’s Mint audit introduces us to Selena, 48, a mom of two living in San Antonio, Texas. She is a community college director and her husband, 51, is a full-time graphic designer who also manages a booming side hustle in the same industry. Selena and her husband have already achieved some impressive financial accomplishments, […]

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5 million downloads!!! 🎉

So Money nation, it’s party time!! The podcast has officially surpassed 5 million downloads!!!! First I was like… Then it hit me. This is real. Then it really sunk in. And of course, I’ve been having some of these to celebrate. It’s been an intense, fun, happy, cosmic journey since launching at the start of 2015. And […]

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