Best Things to Buy in September

The last days of summer can feel a little weird. Fun in the sun is ratcheting down. It’s a time marked mostly by back-to-school sales, but there are deals out there that aren’t just for the students.

Experts over at have combed through their archives of sales and coupons to put together a list of best buys for the month of September. Check it out.

Labor Day Sales

Along with being a day to celebrate the American worker, Labor Day is also great opportunity to put your hard-earned money to work. Sales typically run on summer apparel and that’s where you’ll see the biggest discounts. According to DealNews’ analysis of previous years,  high-end brands including Brooks Brothers, Williams-Sonoma, Restoration Hardware, and Anne Klein are expected to have hefty sales that generally end near the holiday.

Outdoor Items

With summer winding down, retailers are also ready to clear out their inventory of grills, outdoor furniture, etc. That means a bargain, so now’s the time to load up on things you’ll need next summer. Outdoor items make up the majority of Labor Day sales and prices will begin to drop at the beginning of September. For the best deals, check with big retailers like Target and Sears. They took up to 60% off their stock last year, According to DealNews – not to be outdone by Kmart. last year, the company took up to 90% off its outdoor items.

New Mattress

Is your mattress lumpy? Do you sometimes wake up feeling tried and cranky. Odds are you’ve probably worn your mattress out past its  30,000-hour life span. Good news: mattresses also see steep discounts during Labor Day sales. Expect up to 50% off from major retailers including US-Mattress and Sears. Another perk is that many will also offer free shipping, saving you even more.

Bonus: Maybe A New iPhone?

Finally, have you heard the rumors about Apple’s new iPhone 6? Well, according to most sources, the tech giant is planing to unveil its latest smartphone in September. No one is exactly sure how much the new phone will be. Apple is toying around with the idea of implementing a new trade-in program for customers who want to upgrade models, something that could help offset the price and help in environment. Whatever happens, one thing that’s for certain is that a new iPhone on the market will drive down the price of previous models, perhaps making a new phone more accessible for some. If you’re looking to finally replace that phone with the cracked screen or go from a iPhone 4s to iPhone 5, September could be your month.

Photo Courtesy,  Alan Cleaver.

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