My top shopping hacks

I love nothing more than scoring a sweet deal on something I need.

Like that time I strong-armed (er, negotiated) the car salesman to give me the price I wanted. He kept coming back (after “meeting with his supervisor”) with too high a price.

No go.

My next move: I politely asked him to make a photocopy of all the paperwork detailing the price and specifications of the car we wanted…and said that I would need to compare his offer at other dealerships.

Also worth mentioning: We’d been there for 3 hours.

As we were about to walk out the door, he said, “Ok, we have a deal.”

Farnoosh 1. Toyota Dealership of Manhattan 0.

While my car haggling story was more a game of “who can hold their breath the longest?,” snagging a deal doesn’t always have to be as time-consuming or laborious.

And with Labor Day sales fast approaching, I want to provide you with some of my best advice for getting shopping discounts.


You’ll learn… 

  • How to always get a discount at some of your favorite stores even when there’s NO sale in sight.
  • A new online tool that’ll help you get a price adjustment on your purchase if the price drops (so you don’t have to worry about it.)
  • The truth about “charm discounts.” How they work – even at Prada!
  • The best things to buy in September.

I hope you can put some of these pointers to use this weekend or on your next shopping trip.

Happy saving!

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