Money Musings from Mommyhood, Week 8: Cheap Baby Essentials Under $30

There’s an awful lot of learning through trial and error when you’re a new parent. As I mentioned in last week’s edition of Money Musings, we tested several different bottles before settling on the Dr. Brown variety.

Newborns don’t need a whole lot of stuff  – mainly just food, diaper changes, hugs and feeling secure. But I’ve discovered some relatively inexpensive items that can end up being total lifesavers during the baby’s (and parent’s) first year. Here are some small purchases we’ve made thus far that have provided much peace for the whole family:

wipe warmer

Wipe Warmer, $27

Evan always cried when we changed his diaper for the first couple of weeks. We realized it may have had something to do with the coldness of the wipes hitting his skin. Upon the recommendation of another parent we purchased a wipe warmer. I was hesitant to buy it, feeling like I was falling prey to the marketers of the billion dollar baby gadgetry empire…but all I can say is that our baby no longer wails when his diaper gets changed. When that warm wipe hits his tush he is one happy kid.


Book: Twelve Hours’ Sleep By Weeks by Suzy Giordano, $13

Okay, so we realize the title of this book is a bit ambitious, but it preaches some really important habits that are quite attainable at an early stage when it comes to not just sleep, but also feedings and naps. We love its brevity, no-nonsense advice. The book was originally recommended to us by another mom in our building. I ordered it and added it to the other 6 baby sleep books collecting dust by my bedside. This one is – by far – the easiest to follow.

evan pacifier

WubbaNub Pacifier, $13

If you choose to give your baby a pacifier, I strongly recommend the Wubbanub line of animal pacifiers that are easy to grab. We were given our first as a gift and I have since purchased two more. Helps when stretching feedings and soothing baby before he falls asleep. Plus, they’re so cute!
I mean, look at him!


Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment, $14

We apply this goop after each diaper change to avoid rashes, as well as on Evan’s cradle cap and even on his occasional face scratch marks (caused by his constantly growing nails). This stuff works like magic. It’s fragrance free. No need for any other type of ointment.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 10.09.48 AM

Multi-Use Pads, $4

A friend sent me some multi-use pads when Evan was born and I decided to place them over his existing changing pad at home as a protectant. This limits any dirty messes from getting on the sheeted changing pad underneath and leads to fewer washes. It’s also a great for traveling.

What are some inexpensive, baby essentials you recommend? Share with me on Facebook or Twitter


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