Mommyhood Musings, Week 9: Paying it Forward

Babies bring out the best in us. In particular, they make us adults quite the generous bunch. We just received half a dozen boxes filled with baby and toddler-sized hand-me-downs from a good friend. I’ll be forwarding much of it to another friend with a son born around the same time as Evan.



Another friend’s wonderful parents – out of the blue – sent our boy a lovely beach towel hoodie, and relatives continue to shower us with gift cards. This weekend we’re headed to Pennsylvania for a big family visit. My sister-in-law has already informed us that she will be stealing Evan Saturday afternoon and wants us to get some down time.

I spend a good chunk of my days writing thank you notes. We feel truly blessed.

In return, Tim and I are trying to pay it forward. We’ve donated hundreds of diapers to a local church. We gave one breast-feeding mom friend a huge tote bag filled with pump-friendly bottles, nursing tops and other related items. We also just donated money to a friend’s charity Today is a Good Day, which provides personal support to families of premature babies during their time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). We just can’t believe this little baby is ours…and feel like we owe it to the universe for blessing us with his presence. 

And that’s the latest from Mommyhood. Pure gratitude and acts of kindness.

In other news: Evan is almost 10 weeks. He has an appointment tomorrow to receive some early vaccinations. Wish him (and me) luck!



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