Mommyhood Musings, Week 13: Feelings on Being a Breadwinner and Mom

A good friend – and mom of three – recently asked me how my attitude towards the idea of stay-at-home parenting has changed since becoming a working mom.  (For background, I have taken a pretty strong stance in the past on the importance of continuing to earn money in your marriage – even with kids. Stay at home parenting – for both men and women – is seriously risky. I know that the alternative (working) is incredibly challenging and seemingly impossible for some families who are struggling to afford child care. Others simply don’t believe in having kids, only to hand them over to someone else to care for them during the day.)

My critics have told me that I’m insensitive. I’m not practical. And because I developed this thesis before becoming a mom, some have called me clueless.

My response today, now that I am a mom? Well, I have and always will understand why some parents choose not to work. But I continue to believe that it’s just not something I will ever choose for myself and not something I will ever encourage others to pursue for all the reasons I’ve stated in the past. And, in fact, since becoming a parent, I am even MORE interested in expanding my career and earning more money. As the breadwinner, I think about our household finances a lot. It’s not a source of stress as much as it is a source of curiosity and wonder. How can I earn more money but not necessarily work more hours? What new revenue stream have I yet to tap? How can I expand my business and create some potential passive income?

In short, among many things, my sweet son has inspired me to become a better breadwinner. 

How has having children changed your views on work and money? Tweet me @Farnoosh or leave me a message on Facebook.

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