Lost Your Wallet? Take These 7 Steps Now

Lost your wallet? You’re in the right place.

In my latest piece for DailyWorth.com I provide 7 essential steps to help protect your money and identity in case you lose your wallet or have it stolen.

I speak personally.

I knew I should have carried my wallet in a purse that night. Instead, I fashionably tucked it under my arm and headed to the local wine bar with my husband. Two pinot noirs later I reached over to pay the bill only to realize that my wallet — which I thought I’d rested on the bar top — had vanished. Was it stolen? Did it fall on the ground somewhere? Hold on. Did I even bring my wallet? (The wine wasn’t helping.)

We carefully traced our steps back to our apartment, eyes glued to the ground. But no luck. The wallet was gone and so was our fun date night. When this happens, the key is to remain calm and proceed through a quick and efficient plan of action.  For the complete step-by-step read my piece at DailyWorth.com.

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