Help Me Beat Suze Orman

The team at has generously included me as a finalist in its fourth annual “Best Personal Finance Expert” competition. I’m in the company of some highly accomplished and famous financial pros from Dave Ramsey to Warren Buffet to Suze Orman.

It’s an immense honor, but honestly, part of me has been thinking, “What chance do I have to win?”

The contest’s been going on for weeks and I’ve done barely anything to promote myself. Sure, I tweeted and retweeted some promo messages here and there, but I haven’t really pushed it to my followers like other contestants. For a while I was just thrilled to see my name ahead of Suze Orman’s!

Well, I’ve gotten over my insecurity. What’s wrong with a small ask, right?

So, here it goes: Will you please vote for me? It only takes a few seconds to vote and you can do so right here. No need to hand over your email or anything, Just a simple click-click-click.

The deadline is this Wednesday, December 31, and you can vote as many times as you want! (Just sayin’…)

And please let me know when you’ve voted so I can personally thank you.

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