“So Money” Awarded “Best Financial Podcast of 2015”

In the 4th grade, little Farnoosh won the local spelling bee in Auburn, Massachusetts. I was up against some 50 other 10-year-olds. I think the winning word was “revise” (funny enough, as I’d go on years later to be a writer.) My mom was in the front row cheering her head off.

It was the best of days.

Just like today.

Today, I’m beyond thrilled to say that thanks to your many, many votes, my podcast officially won “Best Financial Podcast of 2015.

Can you believe that?

I feel like that 10 year-old kid standing up on that wooden stage with a room full of smiles staring back at her.

Thanks to you, my loyal listeners, who voted (and voted)…you helped me beat out 13 other radio shows and podcasts including Freakonomics and The Dave Ramsey Show in this year’s “Money on the Air” competition. I earned a whopping 44 percent of the vote!

I searched and searched for the newspaper clipping from 1990 that showed me holding up my wooden plaque from the county spelling bee, but I think it’s in a storage box in my parent’s garage. Instead, I give you a nearly 4-year-old Farnoosh decked out in party mode.

Cheers and Thank You!

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