My Whirlwind Week (+ Pics!)

One of the best pieces of #SoMoney advice I ever received (and that I probably have shared countless times) is that there are TWO ways to make money.

1. Make money from what you do.
2. Make money from what you know.

Last week I was able to dedicate time to #2 on that list, my passion project of late called Book to Brand.


If you’re new to my community or not sure what I’m talking about, Book to Brand is a small workshop that teaches thought leaders, entrepreneurs and experts on how to publish a top book and leverage the book and their authority to become highly sought-after speakers, brand partners and media experts.

The #1 question I’ve gotten in recent years is not “How do I squash my debt?”

It’s “Farnoosh, how did you get to where you are today?”

And that’s when I started to think I might have something special to teach. Fast forward to today and Book to Brand is approaching its second year, with demand to host multiple workshops each year.

That’s right. We SOLD OUT Book to Brand in New York City with an outstanding group of individuals: experts from the worlds of business, stage performance, home organization, elder care, personal finance and more.

If you’re thinking, “I WANT IN!” Let’s talk. Book to Brand returns MAY 2018 and spots are already filling up just through word of mouth.

If you or someone you know may be interested in participating, head over to and fill out an application.

As if hosting a two-day, all-day workshop wasn’t enough, I also decided to get on a plane headed for Dallas later that week.

But I couldn’t NOT. It was for FinCon 2017 and I was there to give a keynote with friend, multiple New York Times bestselling author and So Money guest David Bach.

My talk: Why earning more money should not be a goal. It should be a PRIORITY. (#Thingsthamakeyougohmmm)

Alrighty. Time to sleep.

Just kidding. I have two kids under 3.5. #i’llsleepwhenthey’reincollege

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