This is the new smoking – and you’re probably doing it.

A former boss of mine used to LOVE to boast about how he only needed 4 hours of sleep.

Why do we brag about such things?

What was even more annoying? I never saw him yawn. He was extremely productive and energetic all day.

I envied him. If I could manage to sleep less, just imagine all the more work I could get done, I told myself.

But don’t buy the hype. More sleep is good. It’s great, in fact. It can help you live a healthier and richer life.

Entrepreneur and best selling author Arianna Huffington joined me on So Money this week to talk about how we’re not getting enough sleep.

She’s determined to get everyone clocking 8 hours of shut eye per night with the teachings in her new book, The Sleep Revolution.

In our conversation we discuss…

  • Why today’s sleep depravation crisis is eerily similar to the ignorance of smoking in the 1950’s and 60’s. And what can we do to fix it? (05:08)
  • Is sleep a luxury most people just can’t afford? I mean, how does a single mom with two jobs sleep 8 hours? (08:26)
  • Arianna’s sleep deprivation led her to be rushed to the ER at one point. How more sleep has transformed her work and personal life. (11:48)
  • The #1 money lesson Arianna’s mother taught her when growing up in Greece. (19:10)

Meanwhile, I’m acting on Arianna’s insistence to sleep more –immediately.

Just this Monday, I installed blackout shades in my son’s bedroom to avoid letting the sunlight creep in during the wee hours of the morning. He’d been getting up way to early and I’m happy to report now that the shades are keeping his (and everyone’s) eyes closed for an extra 45 minutes in the morning.


Here’s to another great night’s sleep!

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