Want to quit your job because you just can’t take it anymore or need some time off? My advice on how to afford time off from work is in the April 2017 O, The Oprah Magazine issue.

Quitting your job without another lined up? Read this first.

Do you day dream (and night dream) of quitting your job?

Maybe you’re in a high stress environment that’s making you miserable… or perhaps you need a break to re-center yourself.

But giving your two-weeks notice without another job lined up? It goes against all the advice we hear, that it’s easier to find a job when you have one.

But life is too short. If your career is taking a toll on your mental or physical well-being, the salary may not be worth the suffering.

But, I hear you…

How do you actually afford quitting, Farnoosh? How do you pay the bills while you job search?

What about health insurance and other benefits?

How to explain the gap on your resume?

Excited to share that I’ve explored this issue deeply and have some fresh advice to share in the April issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. Learn the five top things you need to know before leaving your job, including how to tackle all the above questions.

With the right planning and some financial stability, it’s more than possible to thrive after calling it quits.

For the piece, I chatted with several women who successfully quit their 9 to 5’s.

One woman, Kristen Field, joined me on So Money to share more about her experience, how she afforded the time off and crafted a new, more fulfilling career. Check out the full episode here.

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