An Evening with #GirlBosses: 5 Impolite Money Rules

Earlier this month I had a major #fangirl moment. It was a full #fangirl evening, in fact, when I teamed up with New York Times bestselling author and Girlboss founder Sophia Amoruso to share in a very special money event.

In partnership with Mint, Sophia and I hosted a panel of four trailblazing entrepreneurs to have an “impolite” conversation about money. The audience heard from Mackenzie Barth, founder of Spoon University (which recently got acquired by Scripps Networks), Lisa Price creator of Carol’s Daughter, a multi-million dollar beauty brand, fashion entrepreneur Nina Faulhaber and Wing Yau, acclaimed jewelry designer.

The only rule for the evening was to be brutally honest. So, we went deep. We talked about our financial hang-ups, our money mantras, how we spend and save, as well as our money wins and losses.

While there were many takeaways, as moderator, I picked up on a few common threads – impolite “rules” – that ran through many of the stories shared. Check out my 5 favorites over on the Mint blog.

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