What Does Financial Freedom Mean to You?

This Independence Day, as with each 4th of July, I’m reminded of the great leap of faith my parents took more than 37 years ago when they bought one-way tickets to the United States. Their move from their embattled Iran granted my brother and me a life of privilege and greater freedoms.

Their journey also encourages me to be a do-gooder and, as nerdy as it sounds, manage my money wisely. Because you can’t exactly say to your immigrant parents, “Hey, thanks for risking everything and moving here to give us a better life, but I have $80,000 in credit card debt and need to move back home.”

To read more about what financial freedom means to me and others that I interviewed around the globe, head on over to the Mint blog. Plus, I’d love to hear what it means to you so leave a comment in the comments section below the Mint blog.

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