Summer Savings: 9 Ways to Cut Costs

Summer can be a pricey time of year after factoring in vacations, entertaining the kids and running the A/C on extra high. Whether you plan to travel afar or stay local this summer, these 9 money-saving tips and tricks over on the Mint blog can help keep more money in your bank account.

#1 Bank on Free Fun

“Check your local listings for free and low-cost events,” says money saving expert Karen Cordaway. “Maybe you catch a jazz festival or get free admission to a museum on a certain day of the week.” For example, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City is free on Friday nights.  Search online by using key terms like “free summer programs” or “free summer fun” for some helpful results.

On this site, learn how kids may be able to bowl for free in your town. There are also free or discounted movie days at local theaters. Regal Movies, for example, has “value days” at theatres across the country.

For tips 2-9 head on over to the Mint blog.

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